Elin Lando is a story of passion, innovation, family, and service. Our passion is driven by your satisfaction: the joy of seeing you delight in our finished work, transforming your home into an oasis of rest, washed with the gentle hues of natural stone. Or the lobby of your hotel recast into a vista of welcoming grandeur through a dazzling display of custom-designed, marble mosaic tiles.

Our work is never done alone, but is guided organically by the collaborative energy and innovation that flows across continents and time zones: between us, our close family of customers, our designers, and our master craftsmen. We listen to your ideas. We hear your needs. We execute your vision into reality by engaging our master designers and craftsmen.

These artisans and their apprentices select each tile of your design for color, texture, quality, and composition. And we continue to integrate your input and feedback into the project until your idea is born. Just as the veining of fine marble flows together naturally, so we consider Elin Lando customers as members of our extended family. We have celebrated birthdays and holidays together, and our own son’s name was given to us by a long-time customer who visited us in our home. Our customers are a real family for us. This family relationship naturally extends to the service we delight in offering you. We are committed to the highest level of service at every step: from design collaboration and mold fabrication, to stone selection and quality control, and the assurance that your satisfaction in our finished work together is what delights us the most.

This could not be possible without our strategic location in the heart of the stone capital of the world: Shuitou, China. Everything needed to bring your concept quickly and expertly to realization is found in the hub of Shuitou. We have established relationships with materials suppliers, mold makers, designers, finishers, and logistics companies, which are all located in Shuito. Adjacent to Shuito is the port city of Xiamen, from where nearly sixty-percent of the world’s natural stone products are shipped directly by the world’s top 20 shipping companies. Our location in this vital intermodal hub allows us to quickly furnish your products without extensive downtime due to re-shipment or re-fabrication in other countries. Everything we need to fulfill your needs is at our fingertips, all driven by our passion to see your satisfaction as a valued member of the Elin Lando family.


Portia Guo founded the Elin Lando after gaining years of experience managing interior and exterior marble decor and natural stone projects for the Japanese and American markets. We are proud of the reputation Elin Lando Marble has earned for unsurpassed product quality and customer service.

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In 2014, Portia founded the company Xiamen Elin Lando Import & Export Co., Ltd. Our products have been featured with booths in Marmomac, Italy and USA Coverings.


Address: Xiamen International Trade Business Center Suite 805, No. 669 Sishui Ave, Huli District, Xiamen China

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